Craig Rautenberg(non-registered)
Great photos Dan!
Taylor B(non-registered)
I'm not sure if I gave you the right email address; my email is

My apologies
Barbara Jane Meek(non-registered)
Shear Brilliance Daniel!!!!
Kim Filanti(non-registered)
Danny..I LOVE your photos!!!! I just love looking at the night sky and wondering whats out there. I had a chance years ago to visit an observatory just out of town and totally got hooked on space! I must have stood there in the cold for a few hours roaming between telescopes gazing at Saturn, Jupiter and a nebula. The world above us holds more for me now that I have seen only a few of the wonders with my own eyes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, you will never know how much I truly enjoy staring at them for minuets at a time!! :)
Love to you and your family,
Cousin Kim
Cathy Dupuis(non-registered)
Always awesome Dan, congratulations on setting up your website it's great. Love the photos
sUSAN bAILIE(non-registered)
Gordon Cyril Brock(non-registered)
how about a pic of your equipment and site
Todd Benko(non-registered)
Great site Dan. Imaging can be a bit contagous.
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